How do I access the Rails console?

  1. Add your SSH key to your Hatchbox web server.

  2. SSH into your web server: ssh [email protected]

  3. cd into the app's current directory: cd myapp/current

  4. Run bundle exec rails c to open the Rails console.

How do I deploy a Staging application?

You'll need to do a couple things:

  • Set your Hatchbox App's RAILS_ENV environment variable to staging

  • Copy the production environment config to stagingcp config/environments/{production,staging}.rb

  • Update any other config files to include staging. Common ones you will want to make sure are configured:

    • config/cable.yml

    • config/secrets.yml

  • Commit and push these changes to git

  • Deploy to Hatchbox (consider using a staging branch for all staging code)