Deploy Scripts

What variables do I have access to in the deploy script?

We set a handful of variables you can use to add additional functionality to your deploy script:

  • $DIR - the app's main directory

  • $RELEASE - the timestamp of the new deploy

  • $BRANCH - the branch being deployed

  • $RELEASE_DIR - the directory of the current deployment

  • $WEB - boolean, true if running on a web server

  • $CRON - boolean, true if running on the cron server

  • $WORKER - boolean, true if running on a worker server

  • $REVISION - the git revision that's being deployed

How can I symlink another directory during deploy?

Add the following to your deploy script:

ln -s $DIR/shared/myfolder $RELEASE_DIR/myfolder

Keep in mind, you'll need to create myfolder on the server via SSH:

mkdir myapp/shared/myfolder

What directories are symlinked during the deploy automatically?

The following directories are automatically symlinked to the shared folder every deploy so that the contents are shared between releases.

  • /log

  • /tmp/pids

  • /tmp/cache

  • /tmp/sockets

  • /vendor/bundle

  • /public/system

  • /public/uploads

  • /public/assets

  • /storage

What user is the deploy run as?

The deploy user.