Domains & DNS

What is the domain?

The domain can be used for testing your apps before you setup your own domains.
Since this domain is owned by Hatchbox, you can't add SSL or modify this domain. You need to add your own domains to enable SSL.

How do I add my own domains to an app?

First, visit the Domains tab on your App inside Hatchbox. You can add your domains there.
You can add * to listen to all subdomains, including www. This needs to be added alongside the root domain of
Next, you'll need to set your DNS records for the domains. The simplest way is to add an A record for your domain (and subdomains) to point to your server's IP address.
The Domains page will show you the exact record information you'll need to add once you've added your domains to your app.

Where do I need to host my domain DNS for Let's Encrypt wildcard support?

Let's Encrypt wildcard domain support requires your DNS to be hosted on one of the supported DNS providers:
  • DigitalOcean
  • Cloudflare
  • AWS Route53.